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Camp Middlebrook Chapter

Bound Brook, New Jersey


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Welcome to our Camp Middlebrook Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) website. We are a friendly chapter that looks forward to meeting new visitors at our monthly gatherings. If you have a potential DAR line and need assistance, our registrar is ready to help. Perhaps you have recently moved to this area and are looking for a new DAR home? Consider getting in touch with us.

We are situated in Bound Brook, New Jersey, and have had a presence in this community for over one hundred years. Our members live both far and near, but take care to keep the connections over time and distance.

We are are engaged in many projects including scholarships and sponsoring students to participate in competitions, such as essay writing, several times a year. We are involved with efforts to assist New Jersey veterans and their families. Historic preservation has always been a priority for us, and we work with local groups toward that goal.